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U13 BB Coach Bio

Ben Kitagawa - Head Coach

Ben has been coaching competitive sports for the past 20 years including 5 with the Central York Panthers rep teams. He has his Level 2 Coaching certificate and has coached players from 7 years old to 19 years old in the OMHA, at St. Andrew's College along with the Panthers. He is very excited to be back working with the U12 BB girls in another fun-filled season.

Ben always states that his one main objective is that the girls have fun. He feels it is essential when they come to the rink they are excited to get on the ice, play with their friends and be proud of themselves afterwards. If the girls want to come back the following year, Ben knows that he has done his job. He understands that it’s a game, and we all have to remember, no matter how much we want the girls to succeed and develop, it's just a game. He want the girls to have fun and improve themselves in the process.

Ben believes that the goal of winning a championship is not such a bad thing. While they should never have a "win at all costs" attitude, he feels it is valuable to have lofty goals to help develop an excellent sports experience. More importantly, it is his goal to develop players so that they can legitimately compete for a spot on the team at the next level the following year.

A successful season for Ben is when girls enjoyed their time at the rink. It is when parents feel their daughters have enjoyed themselves, improved their skills, and were treated with respect. The girls will feel they were given equitable playing time, quality instruction and individual attention from the coaches. Players will feel they competed with class and they have grown closer to their teamates.

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