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Development Stream Program

CYGHA Development Stream Program 2019-20

The House League Development Stream Program (DS) began in 2011 as a pilot project in response to requests from members of the OWHA to find a solution to bridge the gap between house league and competitive (rep) play.  This season, we will have teams for all divisions. OWHA approval for teams at bantam and midget level was granted this past weekend.

Who can play?

It is important to note that the DS program supplements the house league program meaning that all DS players must be registered in house league and attend house league games and practices regularly. This may result in players having two games/practices on the same day. DS teams will not schedule games or practices that conflict with the house league schedule.

How can players try out?

All divisions will have open try-outs run by impartial on-ice instructors.  Player cuts will be made such that teams will have a maximum of 17 rostered players (2 goalies and 15 skaters).   There are spots for alternates to practice with the team and play when rostered players are absent.   An impartial committee will evaluate the girls over two tryouts. Tryout dates, locations and times will be posted.

How will teams be selected?  

Each team will consist of a maximum of 15 skaters and 2 goalies with up to 3 named alternates.Players will be selected based on skills and abilities shown during the tryout process. In order to play on a DS team, the player must attend both tryouts for her age group.

How many games and practices will there be?  

The OWHA has stipulated that DS teams can play a maximum of 8 exhibition games against other DS teams and enter a maximum of 3 tournaments. The team can only enter into DS designated tournaments (not competitive or house league) and will have to be scheduled on weekends when house league games are not being played.

The DS teams are typically registered in 2 to 3 tournaments per season.  They also arrange games and practices that are determined by the team.  These should never interfere with House League schedules as this is the priority.

How much travel will be involved?  

This will depend on what other associations will be icing DS teams. We anticipate that associations such as Barrie, Leaside, Markham, Whitby and Etobicoke will ice teams.

How much will it cost?  

The largest expenditure for hockey teams is the cost of ice. In addition to ice costs, there other expenses such as jerseys, tournament entry fees, referees, etc. that will come into play. Each coach will prepare a team budget that will be determined based on team costs and size. As a rough estimate, the cost per player is expected to be about $500.