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CYGHA Novice Program Update - September 2019

By M. Dubeau, 09/06/19, 1:00PM EDT


Hello Novice Parents:

Welcome to the hockey season!   Novice evaluations start this weekend!

As a reminder, please review the information below regarding Novice evaluations and tryouts for the Novice competitive team.

All of the squads and evaluation times for this weekend can be found on the CYGHA web site.


We have been fielding questions about goaltenders and the Novice competitive program tryouts.

Hockey Canada’s position is as follows:

                “Every child should get the chance to play as a goaltender during their Novice years. This system gives kids the chance to develop a wide range of skills, instead of focusing on a single position and missing out on the opportunity to practice in all areas!"

However we also understand the importance of goalie development within our Panther programs and want to be sure we prepare players that show a desire and aptitude for goaltending every opportunity to develop and succeed in future years.

The following guidelines will be put in place for this season:

a) All players arriving at the initial Novice evaluations on September 7th and September 8th must be evaluated as skaters (and not goaltenders).

b) Anyone wishing to tryout for the Novice competitive team as a goaltender (week 2) should email “” and indicate that they wish to tryout as a goaltender and provide any background on their daughter’s experience with goaltending.  This will be taken into consideration when the invitations for the tryouts are sent out early next week.

c) Novice House League teams will rotate goaltending duties among all players so everyone gets a chance to try the position.  Equipment will be provided by the league.

d) The Novice competitive team will allow any player to try a turn in net that wants to do so during the initial half-ice phase of the season.  In mid-January, full-time goalies can be identified  during the full-ice phase of the season, at the coach’s discretion.

e) Additional goalie training opportunities will be provided by the league throughout the season for Novice goalies that want to continue in net in future years.

Good luck to all.

Mark Dubeau - Vice-President Rep  :
Brad Protocky - Vice-President House League  :