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    2019-2020 Coaching Announcements

    (A/BB/B teams to be announced in early March)


    Panther News

    CYGHA Awarded the Jean Lane Award

    By Admin 02/14/2019, 10:45am EST

    The Central York Girls Hockey Association has been awarded the Jean Lane Award.  The Award recognizes those organizations who have gone above and beyond in their support of Women's Sledge Hockey of Canada. Jean Lane, from Medicine Hat, Alberta, created SHIP (Sledge Hockey and Ice Picking), which was the group of individuals that brought Sledge Hockey to the rest of Canada.

    Katie Williams and Bruce Bennett, of the CYGHA, brought Canadian Women's Sledge Hockey to our Panther Pride Tournament.  The Canadian Women’s Sledge Hockey Association promotes and supports an inclusive environment for Canadian girls and women with disabilities to participate in sledge hockey at all levels of development from initiation to an elite level by facilitating annual women's only events and opportunities.

    In 2015, Ontario and Quebec Provincial Women’s Sledge Hockey Teams played each other in a three game series, as part of our Panther Pride House League Tournament. In 2016, these 2 teams returned to Newmarket for another three game series. During the tournament, National Team players hosted a Sledge “Try It” event.  Many House League players were able to try sledge hockey for, the first time, and were amazed at the skill involved.

    In early 2017, the Women’s National Sledge Hockey team held their Team Canada selection camp in Newmarket. The CYGHA provided evaluators and a referee to help with their selections.

    During the 2017 Panther Pride Tournament, the CYGHA hosted the FIRST ever Canadian Women’s Sledge Hockey Championship.  This incredible milestone marked the first time a National Championship for Women’s sledge hockey was held any where in the world!  Ontario, Quebec and Western Canada were represented, competing over 3 days. The winner was team Ontario.

    Congratulations to Katie, Bruce and the CYGHA!

    Novice Programming 2019-20

    By Admin 01/10/2019, 8:45am EST

    Planning has begun for the 2019-20 hockey season.   Hockey Canada and the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association, have set new guidelines for Novice programming which will begin next season.  All Sanctioned Hockey Associations, both Girls and Boys, must follow these guidelines.

    The OWHA has provided information on their website, that will give parents and coaches an overview of the program.  Here is the link:

    If you select the “Programs” option from the main menu, you will see there is information for parents, coaches, associations, a seasonal structure, game play guidelines and rules.

    The CYGHA  plan for next season is to offer 2 programs for the 7/8 age group:

    • Tyke (age 7) half ice program
    • Novice (age 8) half ice – transition to full ice program

    These programs are fully dependant on our registration numbers.  If there are not enough players to have a Tyke and Novice program, we will combine the 2 age groups and run a Novice half ice  program (the guidelines state that 7 year olds are not “allowed” to play full ice, therefore if combined with 8 year olds, all must play half ice for the season).

    At this time, the OWHA has not provided any information on Novice “Rep” or “DS” programs.  We will post this information as soon as we receive it.


    Carlo graduated from the University of Windsor with an Honours Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics before obtaining his Doctorate of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. He is a certified first responder through the Canadian Red Cross and has obtained his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) title.

    Carlo is the clinic co-director at Athletic Rehabilitation & Conditioning (ARC) – in Aurora, which provides a comprehensive sports medicine experience encompassing athletic injury assessment, Chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, injury prevention, sport specific strength & conditioning, functional rehabilitation, coaching, and nutritional counselling.

    Dr. Carlo D'Emilio may be contacted at :

    Disciplinary Chair Appointment

    By Admin 11/29/2018, 10:00am EST

    The CYGHA Executive is pleased to announce that Nikki Simone will be  joining the CYGHA as our Discipline Chair.

    Nikki will be responsible for reviewing penalties of a serious nature as defined by the OWHA, and ensure the Disciplinary Committee takes action where appropriate. Nikki will make recommendations to the Executive for matters outside games or occurrences not assessed by a referee.

    Thank you Nikki for taking on this position.

    The Central York Girls Hockey Association (CYGHA) is excited to announce that John Hartley is joining our association in the role of Director of Sponsorships and Business Development. 

    John brings a wealth of experience after having spent the last 4 years on the Newmarket Minor Hockey Association (NMHA) executive as director of Sponsorships as well as having coached at the Rep level for the past 8 years. 

    John will be responsible for building and developing relationships between our association and local community businesses that will help bring in funds that go towards development programs for our association.


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