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    Central York Panthers, in partnership with the Toronto Marlies, are pleased to bring you TWO exciting Hockey games for the price of ONE!

    Sunday, Sept 29, 2019
    Ray Twinney Recreation Complex
    100 Eagle St. West,
    Newmarket, ON.

    (General Seating)

    Monday, February 17th, 2020
    Scotiabank Arena


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    Panther News

    Coach Announcement - CYGHA Novice A Competitive program

    By M. Dubeau 09/09/2019, 1:00pm EDT

    The CYGHA and the Central York Panthers are pleased to announce the selection of Mike McArdle as head coach of the Novice A competitive team.  

    Mike's bio and contact info can be found here:

    Mike’s goal this season is to provide an opportunity for players to develop their skills, to understand the value of teamwork, and to play in a fun, safe and supportive environment under the new novice competitive format.  This year will be a vital part in building confidence, igniting passion and preparing young athletes for future Panther teams.

    CYGHA Novice Program Update - September 2019

    By M. Dubeau 09/06/2019, 1:00pm EDT

    Hello Novice Parents:

    Welcome to the hockey season!   Novice evaluations start this weekend!

    As a reminder, please review the information below regarding Novice evaluations and tryouts for the Novice competitive team.

    All of the squads and evaluation times for this weekend can be found on the CYGHA web site.


    We have been fielding questions about goaltenders and the Novice competitive program tryouts.

    Hockey Canada’s position is as follows:

                    “Every child should get the chance to play as a goaltender during their Novice years. This system gives kids the chance to develop a wide range of skills, instead of focusing on a single position and missing out on the opportunity to practice in all areas!"

    However we also understand the importance of goalie development within our Panther programs and want to be sure we prepare players that show a desire and aptitude for goaltending every opportunity to develop and succeed in future years.

    The following guidelines will be put in place for this season:

    a) All players arriving at the initial Novice evaluations on September 7th and September 8th must be evaluated as skaters (and not goaltenders).

    b) Anyone wishing to tryout for the Novice competitive team as a goaltender (week 2) should email “” and indicate that they wish to tryout as a goaltender and provide any background on their daughter’s experience with goaltending.  This will be taken into consideration when the invitations for the tryouts are sent out early next week.

    c) Novice House League teams will rotate goaltending duties among all players so everyone gets a chance to try the position.  Equipment will be provided by the league.

    d) The Novice competitive team will allow any player to try a turn in net that wants to do so during the initial half-ice phase of the season.  In mid-January, full-time goalies can be identified  during the full-ice phase of the season, at the coach’s discretion.

    e) Additional goalie training opportunities will be provided by the league throughout the season for Novice goalies that want to continue in net in future years.

    Good luck to all.

    Mark Dubeau - Vice-President Rep  :
    Brad Protocky - Vice-President House League  :

    CYGHA Novice Program Update - August 2019

    By M Dubeau 08/25/2019, 8:45pm EDT

    The CYGHA is committed to providing the best possible hockey experience for all of our female athletes and ensuring a positive and fun initial hockey experience with the Panthers.  As we transition away from the traditional model of Novice hockey, there will be some growing pains while individual associations interpret and implement the rules set forth by the Governing bodies (Hockey Canada, OWHA).  

    As previously communicated, the CYGHA will be running a house league (likely four teams) and one competitive/rep team.  The rep team will travel to other centres for games and participate in rep-level Jamborees (tournaments).  We will also tailor a development program specifically for this age group to ensure girls are ready to join the Atom rep program the following season.  The competitive team will be comprised of mostly 8 year old players (born in 2011) and any exceptional 7 year olds (2012).

    After week one, the strongest players from the initial evaluations will be invited to participate in the competitive team tryouts.  A head coach will be chosen and they will select a team in coordination with other CYGHA rep coaches.  If you are invited to the tryouts attendance is completely optional.

    The first few weeks will look like this:


    Player Evaluations (all registered Novice players).  
    CYGHA.COM the week before for your assigned time slot.
    September 7th : 8AM - 11AM : SAC 
    September 8th : 8AM - 11AM : AFLC


    Novice House League Evaluations ( if not selected for rep tryouts, or you decline your invitation ).  Check 
    CYGHA.COM the week before for your assigned time slot.
    September 14th : 8AM - 10AM : SAC
    September 15th : 9:15AM - 11:15AM : Ray Twinney Nissan Pad

    Competitive Team Tryouts
    September 14th : 10AM - 11AM : SAC
    September 15th : 10AM - 11:30AM : AFLC
    September 19th : 5PM - 6PM : ACC2 Lincoln Pad

    If your daughter is selected to the competitive team, you will be expected to sign an offer letter, pay a deposit and commit to the requirements of the program.  The expectation is that the cost for this program will be ~$1200 on top of the registration fees already paid for house league.  At this point, any players selected to the competitive team will be given a schedule go-forward and will not take part in any further house league activities.  Any players released from the competitive team will be placed on a House League team and will continue with the Novice House League schedule.


    This will be an initial set of House League Exhibition games.  Coaches will be selected and teams will be formed.  The first weekend will be a test-run, setting up the half-ice boards, working on the game flow and introducing the coaches/officials to the new game format.

    September 21st : 7:15AM - 9:15AM : Ray Twinney Nissan Pad
    September 22nd : 10:15AM - 12:15PM : Ray Twinney Nissan Pad

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to both of us.

    Thank you.

    Mark Dubeau - Vice-President Rep  :
    Brad Protocky - Vice-President House League  :

    U16 High Performance Program

    By Doug Lunney 08/13/2019, 4:45pm EDT

    Congratulations to the following CYGHA players for being selected to attend the OWHA U16 High Performance Development Camp.

    Mari Pietersen (Midget AA), Abby Lunney (Bantam AA) and Ashley Delahey (Bantam AA) will be attending the camp the weekend of July 18th-21st at the Nottawasaga Inn and Resort.  Following 3 weekends of tryouts across the province, these 3 athletes were chosen to take part in the program which will include elite instruction, education and training both on and off ice which will be key to improving their skills and hockey knowledge at the highest level.

    An exciting opportunity has been presented to 3 of our Bantam AA CYGHA players.  The OWHA forwarded the names of  Nikki Nayak and Taylor Delahey and Abby Lunney to the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club Camp selection committee as well as many other girls from across the province.  There will be a total of 22 girls and 22 boys born in 2005 in attendance for this Invitational Camp.  Throughout the weekend of August 16th-18th, the girls will attend on and off-ice instructional training from Toronto Maple Leafs alumni, hockey development staff and special guest coaches.  They will also have the once in a lifetime experience of attending Gatorade's Sports Science Seminars and Sweat Tests.


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